The medi slim pen skinny jab that enables rapid weight loss

Control the cravings with the medi slim pen skinny jab to lose weight quickly and safely. Similar treatments available on the marketing from Skinny Clinic and Alchemist Aesthetics do not offer the same level of medical support, which is crucial to ensure a successful experience.

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Rapid safe weight loss with the
medi-slim jab

Medically supervised slimming science enabling you to lose weight faster than you ever thought possible

Lose up to 14lbs in 3 weeks!
Appetite greatly reduced!
Medically supervised!

The medi-slim jab can ensure rapid weight loss, allowing you to safely achieve results you previously only dreamed possible.

medi-slim skinny jab clinic Sheffield weight loss injection site image
medi-slim skinny jab clinic Sheffield weight loss injection site image

What we do

Here at medi-slim we offer a medically advanced and safe weight loss programme that is individually tailored just for you. Allowing maximum results with minimum effort and quicker results than any other method available on the market.

medi-slim skinny jab clinic Sheffield weight loss injection site image

What it does

Using our advanced slimming pen just once a day, following our medically supervised treatment plan, we can ensure you achieve your body goals.

It will literally change all your previous thoughts about dieting and make slimming this year easier than ever. Join 100’s of already happy clients enjoying their new lives, leaving their friends and family confused with how they have achieved so much so quickly.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to arrange a free consultation and begin a whole new and exciting journey!


“After trying all the latest fad diets I found I became a yo yo dieter. I would lose then put more back on. A good friend introduced me to the medi-slim pen and wow 2 weeks on 11lbs lighter. With the help of the pen there has been no need for the drastic starvation diet just good clean health eating and the pounds are plummeting.”